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Why I Used Adwords For My Internet Business?

This post is to remind me of main advantages of using PPC, especially Google Adwords for my business. You can also use it for your reason to use PPC for your online business.

1) Fast Traffic. After I have done my keyword research for the niche I want to be in, I will be sure that within 15 minutes I will get the traffic to my website. Of course all this is after I have set up the Adwords campaign and the ad groups.

2) Targeted Traffic. I will only show my ads to people who search the keywords that I bid on. This way, I am getting very targeted traffic to my website, and not any Tom, Dick or Harry.

3) Geo Location Traffic. Though organic results are free, but not all the time I will get the customers I want. I may have a services that is only operated in a particular country only. I can always use the Adwords GEO targeting to set to the country or location I want to show my PPC ads.

4) Discover Buying Keywords. Though the use of Adwords conversion tracking, I will be able to find out the buying keywords that searchers were using. With this buying keywords, you have already found gold that spells success for your niche market.

5) Actual Search Impressions. I am also able to find out how many people are searching for my product online using PPC. This is important information to all marketers. Have you heard of a phrase “Those who have the most information will be successful”, I am not sure who quoted that but its true for me in this case. Having the actual search impressions for a keyword is like knowing whether I will succeed or not.

6) Budget Control. If I have a budget for a new campaign, I can always set my daily budget to the one that I can afford. This is so much better than using Newspaper ads, as the ad space will be more expensive and no way of finding out how many actually see your newspaper ad.

7) Control. This is what I love most about using Adwords PPC, total control. The above 6 reasons tell me that in Adwords, I can control everything that I want in Adwords. Not like investing in stocks, where I can only control when I get in and when I get out. With Adwords PPC, you control everything!

No matter what, I will still use Adwords PPC for my online business, as it gives total control. What are your reasons for using Adwords? I like to hear from you.

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